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AI-Flight, is a state-of-the-art SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed specifically for self-insured companies looking to reduce their healthcare costs while promoting the well-being of their workforce.

At the core of AI-Flight is a sophisticated AI engine that analyzes a wealth of health data to provide personalized insights and recommendations for each employee. By focusing on preventative health measures, AI-Flight empowers employees with the tools and knowledge they need to take charge of their health, which can lead to a decrease in chronic illnesses and a reduction in costly medical claims.

Key Features of AI-Flight:

  1. Health Analytics Dashboard: Employers receive real-time analytics on the health status of their workforce, enabling them to identify risk factors and intervene early.

  2. Personalized Wellness App: Employees get access to customized diet, supplement, exercise, and mental health plans that contribute to their overall health and productivity.

  3. Behavioral Health Tracking: AI-Flight uses behavioral data to help employees establish and maintain healthy habits, crucial for long-term health improvements.

  4. Cost Management Tools: The platform offers detailed reports on potential cost savings and areas where interventions can reduce overall healthcare expenditure.

  5. Integrated Health Networks: AI-Flight connects with a network of healthcare providers, allowing for seamless coordination of care and potentially better negotiated rates for services.

For self-insured companies, AI-Flight is not just a tool for managing employee health but an investment in their organization's financial health. By reducing the need for high-cost medical interventions and fostering a healthier workforce, AI-Flight aims to lower insurance claims, boost employee productivity, and create a more vibrant, health-conscious company culture.

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